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Ages and Stages: Here is What is Happening to Your Skin

November 08, 2012

nov9age[1]20s:  UVA rays, which age our skin, start to break down collagen (the protein that keeps skin firm)  and tiny lines will start appearing around the eyes.  We recommend that you apply a sunscreen first thing in the morning every day of the year.  Besides your face, apply some to your arms, neck and chest.  Your skin will thank you for it!
30s:  During this decade the ability of collagen to repair itself starts to slow, causing lines around the eyes to deepen (crow’s feet).  Lines on the forehead and between your brows start to appear.

40s: Continued loss of collagen and elastin (the protein that causes skin to snap back) will cause even thicker-skinned areas to develop lines, creases and wrinkles around the mouth.

50+: By now you will have lost some fat from just below the skin’s surface causing it to sag a bit.  Lines deepen and new ones appear.

Here at Greenspring Rejuvenation we can help you keep or get back your great skin.

MOISTURIZERS!  As we age, our skin gets drier, thinner and more sensitive over time, so the moisturizer we loved in our 20s is not as effective 10 years later.  Our moisturizing suggestions for you:

20s: Fighting acne is usually a priority.  Look for a water-based oil free lotion or gel with salicylic acid.  Try Jan Marini Bioclear Lotion which contains glycolic acid, salicylic acid and azelaic acid to rapidly clear and refine skin texture.

30s: Fine lines start to appear and skin tone gets more uneven.  Try anti-agers with Retinol.  A Greenspring Rejuvenation favorite is Jan Marini Age Intervention Retinol Plus MD which not only has retinol but also contains anti-aging and collagen boosting peptides and antioxidants.

40s: Wrinkles and age spots may be showing up.  Peptide-packed moisturizers even out pigment and increase collagen.  We suggest you try Luksus SCS Biogel and Luksus Phospholipid GF Moisturizer.

50s+: Hormonal changes lead to dehydrated skin.   Counteract these effects by using glycolic acid which revs up cell turnover so skin stays smooth.  A good option is VI Derm Complete Care for Normal to Dry Skin.  It contains gylcolic acid, azelaic acid, 10% Vitamin C, retinol, green tea and coffee extract.

We carry all these lines of products.  For a complete directory, please refer to our product page at