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CoolSculpting® – New Technology!

April 16, 2018

Coolsculpt DualSculpting at Greenspring – Freeze the Fat!

Coolsculpting ImageWe treat the best, because we have the best.

Greenspring Medical Aesthetics is Tucson’s leading Body Contouring Center offering multiple technologies for every body type and body area. We offer the newest technologies with a wide variety of effective body contouring treatments including CoolSculpt DualSculpting, SculpSure®, UltraShape®, Liposonix®, VASERshape™, and Venus Freeze®. Read More

A Closer Look at Clear + Brilliant

April 06, 2018

Everyone gets older, and everyone feels the effects of their aging at some point. If you want to keep your skin in the best shape possible, then Clear + Brilliant might be the treatment for you. This laser skincare treatment helps you feel younger, more confident, and better about your appearance. Read More

Is It Possible to Get Rid of Cellulite?

February 16, 2018

Even with a healthy diet and regular exercise, cellulite can still pop up on your body. This type of fat is common in people of all sizes and it tends to happen in women more than men. If you have cellulite, you might be wondering what you can do to get rid of it. Read More

Answers to Your Questions About Botox

December 29, 2017

BOTOX® Cosmetic has been around for many years, but you may not know much about the benefits it can offer if you’ve never had treatment with facial injectables. If you are bothered by fine lines and wrinkles, you should book an appointment at a medical aesthetics center to discuss all your questions and concerns. Read More

Treat Yourself with Facial Rejuvenation This Holiday Season

December 15, 2017

As the holidays approach, you may be booking up your schedule with parties, work events, and family gatherings. When you attend these festivities, you’ll naturally want to look your best, which is where Greenspring Rejuvenation comes in. It’s your face, trust it to an artist® by scheduling your facial rejuvenation treatments for the holiday season. Read More

What to Expect from Your IPL Photofacial

November 24, 2017

Living in Southern Arizona means that your skin is almost constantly exposed to harsh sun, which can cause lasting damage—especially if you don’t always remember to wear sunscreen. Fortunately, there is a solution for sun-damaged skin that can improve the overall appearance of the face with lasting results. Read More

Get to Know the Liquid Facelift™

November 10, 2017

More and more patients are turning to a less invasive and highly effective alternative to the traditional surgical face lift: The Liquid Facelift™. Both men and women can benefit from this innovative treatment, which addresses the most common concerns of aging, including laugh lines, crow’s feet, brow folds, and sagging skin, all without a single incision. Read More

What Are the Advantages of Facial Fillers Over Plastic Surgery?

October 27, 2017

As we age, our faces naturally develop fine lines and wrinkles. If you want to combat the signs of aging and reveal a whole new you, consider receiving a facial filler treatment from your a medical aesthetics center. Unlike plastic surgery, facial fillers, such as Juvederm, do not require invasive procedures or prolonged recovery times. Read More

What You Need to Know About VASERshape™

October 13, 2017

No matter your age or physical condition, you may be concerned about problem areas in certain parts of your body. To treat stubborn fat and provide your physique with a smooth and contoured appearance, schedule a consultation at a medical aesthetics center to learn more about VASERshape™. Read More