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Botox – Ever Wonder How It Works?

October 20, 2011

oct20botox[1]Find yourself longing for the wrinkle-free skin of your childhood? We’ll be honest- it’s impossible. But, we can offer you Botox, which can bring you awfully close! Ever wonder how it works?

When we are children, we have an abundance of elastin and collagen to thank for that smooth, flawless skin. Elastin is the elastic property of the skin that helps the skin bounce back and appear smooth, unlined, and firm.  Unfortunately, as we age our skin naturally produces less elastin and collagen. Also, as we age, the volume of fat underneath some areas of facial skin decreases, causing the skin to appear thinner and older. Thinner and less elastic skin responds more sensitively to frequent muscle movement. Eventually, the sensitivity becomes enough that the skin can’t recover and lines start to form. Most of those pesky lines on the upper face are just damaged skin from the muscle crushing the skin! The loss of collagen, elastin, and subcutaneous fat that comes with aging prevents the skin from recovering from the crushing effects of the muscles, so the lines remain there after the muscle returns to rest.

Enter Botox!

Botox goes beneath the skin to selectively weaken the muscles that are making the lines. When the skin is no longer crushed by the muscle, the lines start to heal and become less visible. The cells in the skin are always replenishing themselves, so new skin cells that form after Botox treatments can replace the old cells that were damaged by the crushing muscles. So your lines have a chance to repair, become less visible, and maybe even disappear.

Now, pay attention here! It is important to know that once the lines get deep enough, they won’t totally go away. Botox will greatly improve these very deep lines, but may not completely eliminate them. Some lines go so deep that they actually scar the skin, leaving a fine line that will always be slightly visible, even after Botox. Moral of the story? Start Botox treatments BEFORE those lines become scars!