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Can Medical BOTOX really help clear up acne?

September 29, 2012

acne_blog[1] just put out an article touting Botox as the new way to combat acne.  We suggest you give it a read! Click to read article, written by Nikki Tucker, was extremely well written and caught our attention as the relationship between Botox and acne has been lightly discussed in the Medical Aesthetic field for a few years. Some doctors have claimed that Botox caused acne in their patients, but according to Tucker, Dr. Anil Shah, a plastic surgeon in Chicago, is convinced that it helps to clear it.

Shah published a study in 2008 stating that Botox, when injected beneath the dermis, can lower sebum oil production which is the primary source for the inflammation that occurs in the sebaceous glands that create acne. His study, published in The Journal of Drugs in Dermatology in 2008, (Click to read) concluded that 17/20 patients showed an improvement in sebum production. Shah also stated that his patients were happy with the results.

Well, we think this is just fascinating! We would be tempted to get excited about this, as we are always pleased when research proves that medical botox is a safe option to treat other physical ailements. (Go Botox!) However, no further research seems to have been done since 2008. Here at Greenspring, we are committed to only offering safety-approved procedures. So when it comes to using Botox to clear acne, it appears we’ll all just have to wait and see.