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Get Your Full Youth Cocktail! Combine Facial Sculpture with Fractional Resurfacing and/or Photofacial

November 10, 2011

nov10Cocktail[1]You know now what Liquid Facelifts/Facial Sculpturing can do to fill in those lines, plump up those hollow areas, and lift that sagging skin. But what about the texture and coloration of the skin? Dr. Cadoux advocates combing the effects of fillers and lasers to cover all the bases in your quest for a younger looking appearance.

The Palomar Lux1540 Fractional™ laser incorporates the latest technology to tighten skin, decrease pores, increase the collagen and elasticity of your skin, and remove troublesome brown spots. All with minimal to no down time.  If you have facial veins, rosacea or a red tones we add the Max G Photofacial. We use both technologies here at Greenspring to address both skin texture and discoloration from sun damage and age spots. The Lux 1540 works by delivering an array of microbeams that penetrate well below the epidermis and into the dermis, sparing the tissue surrounding the beams from damage. The tissue affected by these beams initiates a natural healing process that accelerates the formation of new, healthy tissue and the fractional treatment of the skin allows for faster healing with visible results in skin color, texture, tone, fine lines and wrinkles. A series of treatments are recommended.

When you combine Fractional Laser or Photofacial treatments with Facial Sculpturing, you’re not just applying a temporary band-aid to past damage. Both procedures can actually free the skin of damage, giving it a helpful boost in regenerating new skin cells that are inherently healthier. You know what healthier means- younger, tighter, smoother, and fuller! So when you are considering what treatments are right for you, consider a combo… see how new a new you can be!