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Healthy Anti-Aging: Choose Your Mark

March 14, 2012

mar14antiaging[1]Life leaves it’s mark on us. This is true no matter how old you are, what your ethnicity is, how much money you have, or how happy you are. We all carry the signs- be it scars from an accident, stretch marks from pregnancy, sun freckles on your shoulders, frown wrinkles from excessive time spent studying in graduate school, or extra weight that you gained when you were injured or just having fun. Life is a beautiful journey and we hope you feel the same way about it that we do- we wouldn’t have it any other way.

However, every journey is also marked by choice. It is now the year 2012 and technology has made it so that we have choice about which marks we want to carry with us forever, and which ones we want to change. Choosing a cosmetic procedure is not about undoing what has been done, but about making a new mark of your choice.

Above all at Greenspring, we encourage love and self-acceptance. Anti-aging no longer means trying to pretend you aren’t aging. It means coming into partnership with your body and choosing the image you reflect out to the world. Our idea of healthy aging is allowing the image that you reflect out to the world to mirror the image within.

Don’t try to erase all of the marks that life has given you. Embrace them. Choose which ones to carry and which ones to craft into something new.