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Manscaping- Laser Hair Removal For Men (Not As New of A Trend in Tucson As You Thought!)

July 20, 2012


That is thanks to an uprise in social awareness around men caring about how they look and actually spending time on maintaining themselves in ways most people  once assumed were only for women. The term “manscaping” became popularized in social media as referring to the process of grooming, shaping, or removing body hair in men. You may have seen pictures of men who have shaved the superman insignia out of their chest hair, hearts into their abdomen hair or carved lightning bolts out of their facial hair. Men shaping their body hair for humor falls under the category of Manscaping, but more often than not, manscaping refers to men who aren’t trying to look outrageous, they are trying to look “normal” and want to shape their body hair to meet the aesthetic they think looks best. Just as women often don’t like excessive hair around the bikini line or the upper lip, men often don’t like hair covering their back or shoulders.

The truth is, when it comes to body hair, there is no normal. Some men’s bodies are naturally covered in coarse hair from head to toe, whereas others can hardly grow hair on their heads. With the popularity of manscaping, comes the acceptability of having choice. Men can choose to create the look they want, just like women. Some men want it all off (like a hairless torso, for instance), whereas others want to selectively remove/shape the hair (like reducing hair on the abs, but keeping a “happy trail” to outline stomach muscles.) This type of shaping the body hair is similar to women waxing or tweezing to shape the eyebrows. The shape chosen can accentuate a man’s natural features.

With laser and IPL hair removal options, it doesn’t have to be a daily battle (shaving) or a painful one (like waxing in sensitive areas!) Laser and IPL technologies are FDA approved to permanently reduce hair. New technology has made these procedures practically painless and reduced treatment time- making most areas treatable in under 20 minutes.

We can all have a good laugh at “manscaping,” but really we are just glad that men have the opportunity to finally be open about their bodily concerns and feel more freedom to have the look they have always wanted.