The five star biomedical skin and eye care solution.

Luksus® Skin is a biomedical approach, conceived of and created by Dr. Lili Fan.  Its formulations deliver microscopic lipopeptide chains that are easily absorbed for cumulative and long-lasting benefits. These patented peptides work synergistically to trigger a positive response in skin’s gene expression, stimulating growth factors and their boosters to help increase collagen and elastin production for greater resiliency and enhanced firmness.

Luksus® has harnessed patent-pending SCS™ (stem cell stimulation) technology, creating a unique RetinoPeptide/LYSODAG/Probiotic complex that increases protein genesis and decreases protease reaction. This extraordinary anti-aging skin care works with your body’s natural structure to help skin properly digest each product’s ingredient base, diminishing age factors, youthifying skin stem cells and nourishing your face with what’s needed, where it’s needed. Continued use shows that lines and wrinkles begin to diminish, the feel of elasticity returns, and discolorations and imperfections fade.

At Greenspring, we offer the Luksus Anti-Aging Foundation Primer, the Luksus® Cleanser, the Luksus® Dual Eye Serum, the Luksus® Phospholipid GF Moisturizer, the Luksus® Probiotic Defense Toner, the Luksus® SCS Biogel, the Luksus® Ultra Eyelash Conditioner, the Luksus® Ultra Perform Hydrating Cream, and the Luksus® Ultra Sheer Sunscreen SPF 30.