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Summer’s Almost Here- Greenspring Fills You In On What is Filling Up (Depigmenting IPL Photofacial)

June 20, 2012

jun20heart[1]It’s hard to believe that though it is close to 110 degrees in Tucson today, summer has yet to begin. Thursday officially marks the beginning of summer and we can’t wait to ring in the season with a full schedule and a load of happy patients. We look forward to the summer season all year. It seems that as soon as the weather heats up, all of our customers renew their dedication to beauty and health. Our rooms are filled with Microdermabrasions, Laser Hair Removal treatments, Depigmenting Photofacials and lately loads of people trying our new body contouring system- Venus Freeze.

Our excitement about Venus Freeze almost borders on obsessive by how much we gab about it! Having been in the non-invasive cosmetic industry for almost 20 years (2013 will be our 20 year anniversary!) we have avoided most cellulite treatments because Dr. Cadoux did not find them satisfactory enough to put his name behind them. The Venus Freeze is so impressive that he even gets the procedure done for himself. Our patients are shedding inches off their abdomens and thighs in a matter of weeks and noticing significant tightening of the skin in areas like the arms, face, and neck.

Lastly, we thought we would let you know that we recently started carrying Luksus Biomedical Skin Care products. As you know, we are always searching for the newest technology in both treatments and products. When we find something special, we grab it and run. Thus it is with the Luksus line. Luksus is an anti-aging skin care line which stimulates stem cell growth, employs patented peptide technology, and boasts and incredible ingredient list chocked full of antioxidants and enzyme producers. We think this line will fit the home care needs of many of our patients. As always, meeting your needs with the latest and greatest makes us happy.

Read more about the Luksus line here: