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Summertime and the Living is Easy

May 31, 2013

hat[1]We love Tucson in the summer; things slow down, school is out, traffic is lighter, and once the monsoons arrive the nights have a tropical, romantic feel to them.

We also realize that the days can be amazingly hot, and the sun can do a good amount of damage to unprotected skin.  Read More

Ages and Stages: Here is What is Happening to Your Skin

November 08, 2012

nov9age[1]20s:  UVA rays, which age our skin, start to break down collagen (the protein that keeps skin firm)  and tiny lines will start appearing around the eyes.  We recommend that you apply a sunscreen first thing in the morning every day of the year.  Read More

Want to Look Younger Again? It’s All About the Volume!

November 10, 2011

nov10younger[1]People ask us all the time why their skin changes so much as they age. Really the answer is pretty simple. As humans age, we naturally see a decline in elastin, collagen and subcutaneous fat levels in the skin- these three things are the main components creating the volume of our faces. Read More