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The Secret Behind Dr.Cadoux’s Unique Micro-Injectable Technique – Why It is Safer and More Effective

October 20, 2011

oct20secret[1]Today we decided we were in the mood to give a few secrets away to our clients! Shhhh!

Where else to start but by letting you in on why our Botox treatments are so amazing! Many of you who have come in before for Dr. Cadoux’s Botox treatments have noticed the difference between the treatments you receive and the ones your friends get elsewhere. It’s not a coincidence that yours are so good and we want you to know why! The trick is a unique technique that Dr. Cadoux has spent over a decade developing which delivers a more precise outcome with less post-procedure things to worry about.

The commonplace Botox procedure involves injecting a large deposit of Botox under the skin in a few places surrounding the targeted site, relying on the Botox to diffuse to the muscles in between the injected sites. This works in many cases, but, sometimes the Botox diffuses into areas it was not designed to go. The result can be something like an eyelid or eyebrow droop. You have probably seen this before in celebrity tabloids or maybe even with a few unfortunate friends.

If you thought the reason this never happened to you with Dr. Cadoux was luck, think again! Dr. Cadoux minimizes the diffusion into unwanted areas by doing more injections of smaller quantities within the desired area. This technique delivers a more precise outcome. Additionally, while most other Botox treatments involve injecting the Botox into the skin and letting it diffuse into the muscle, Dr. Cadoux injects straight into the muscle he wants to treat which further minimizes diffusion and is more effective. As an extra bonus, this technique makes it less important to avoid lying down for the hours following treatments and also makes it less important that the muscles are heavily used in the hour following treatment.

If you’ve already been seeing Dr. Cadoux for treatments, make your next appointment with renewed confidence. If you have yet to see us for injectables, come check us out and enjoy the certainty of precision where it matters the most!