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Want to Look Younger Again? It’s All About the Volume!

November 10, 2011

nov10younger[1]People ask us all the time why their skin changes so much as they age. Really the answer is pretty simple. As humans age, we naturally see a decline in elastin, collagen and subcutaneous fat levels in the skin- these three things are the main components creating the volume of our faces. As these decrease, the skin has less to hold on to and begins to sag.

Dr. Cadoux likes to compare this to a grape and a raisin. When still fresh, the skin of a grape is wrapped around the fleshy volume on the inside of the fruit. Spanning around this volume causes the skin to stretch tightly, creating a smooth, tight surface. However, when the inner volume of the grape dries out and is lost, the skin has no volume to cling tightly to and instead wrinkles and shrinks. This is essentially what happens in our faces! Most people typically lose this volume in a few areas of the face, including the cheeks, lips, temples, and areas around the chin, mouth, and brows.

The concept behind Liquid Facelifts is then pretty simple to understand. The dermal fillers used in Liquid Facelifts are essentially restoring useful volume back to places in the face and neck where it has been lost. With more volume on board, the skin is suspended and pulled upwards creating a tighter and significantly more youthful appearance. It sounds simple, and it is. The results, however, can be nothing short of miraculous. Browse our Before-And-Afters to see for yourself!