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We’re Not Exaggerating When We Call Him an Artist! Dr. Cadoux Makes a Liquid Facelift a Facial Sculpture!

November 10, 2011

nov10sculpture[1]When a patient wants a general gentle lift to their overall facial features, a Liquid Facelift procedure can be pretty straightforward. More often than not, however, to create the most natural and youthful appearance requires specific contouring to certain areas of the face. Choosing which areas to supplement with dermal fillers, which to add Botox to, and which to leave alone is a true creative process on the part of the physician. It is like adding shadowing to a portrait or carefully contouring a sculpture.

Luckily for Greenspring clients, Dr.Cadoux is passionate about the creativity in this process and applies that passion to each individual patient by taking the time to really read the lines and contours of their face, sculpting first in his mind and later beneath the skin, the perfect image to restore depth, volume, and an overall youthful appearance to the face. Go ahead and try it! Be Dr.Cadoux’s next canvas and see what image of beauty he can sculpt with you!