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What You Need to Know About VASERshape™

October 13, 2017

No matter your age or physical condition, you may be concerned about problem areas in certain parts of your body. To treat stubborn fat and provide your physique with a smooth and contoured appearance, schedule a consultation at a medical aesthetics center to learn more about VASERshape™. VASERshape™ is a quick and comfortable procedure that targets fatty areas around your body. To highlight the benefits of this procedure, here is an overview of what every patient should know about VASERshape™.

VASERshape™ Process

Unlike liposuction or other surgical procedures, VASERshape™ is done using methods and materials that are completely non-invasive. During a VASERshape™ procedure, a VASERshape™ technician will use a gentle ultrasound device to locate and target the fat tissue underneath your skin. After a pulse of energy is sent into the fatty deposit, the fat will be sculpted away. Many patients remark that the treatment almost feels like a massage.

VASERshape™ Treatment Time

If you are interested in VASERshape™, but you are not sure whether you have time for this type of procedure, you will be pleased to know that the process can be completed in as little as 45 minutes. With single 45-minute sessions each week, you can achieve your desired body in a month or less. VASERshape™ also does not require recovery time, so you will be able to resume your normal activities after you receive your treatment.

VASERshape™ Results

When you schedule your first VASERshape™ appointment, you may notice a change in the treatment site immediately. For the best possible results, however, it is usually recommended that patients complete a minimum of three rounds of treatment. A VASERshape™ technician can help you create a VASERshape™ treatment plan that is designed around your goals.

At Greenspring Rejuvenation Medical Aesthetics, we are pleased to be Tucson’s comprehensive body contouring center offering multiple technologies for every body type and area. Our highly trained technicians specialize in VASERshape™ and other state-of-the-art cosmetic treatments and will work closely with you to tailor your treatment goals. To learn more about our commitment to Artistry, Experience and Value®, and to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact us at (520) 529-9665.